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Need to find a Country Fair or want to know what time Country Fair in McKean opens or closes? The maps and contact information provided herein will assist you in locating convenience stores near you. Check for daylight, nighttime, or weekend hours (open 24 hours?) Get street address details, phone numbers, other pertinent information on the Country Fair near you.

Use the detailed information provided herein to locate the nearest Country Fair department stores in your area. Need to find out what time the local Country Fair in McKean department store stays open until or locks the doors? Includes area locations, opening and closing times, street addresses, telephone number and helpful contact information.

  1. Country Fair
    9030 Main St. McKean PA 16426

    Hours(Opening & Closing Times):

    Phone Number: (814) 476am-0404

    Customer Service Email or Contact:

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Country Fair owns and operates over 70 convenience stores across Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and Southeastern New York. United Refining Company, an oil company out of Warren, PA, owns and operates Country Fair. The convenience store chain helps distribute oil and gasoline refined and treated by United Refining Company. Country Fair offers hundreds of beverages, snacks, sandwiches, and miscellaneous items for travelers. Convenience store locations help United Refining Company generate $2 billion in annual profits.

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