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Need to find a Royal Farms or want to know what time Royal Farms in Bridgeville opens or closes? The maps and contact information provided herein will assist you in locating convenience stores near you. Check for daylight, nighttime, or weekend hours (open 24 hours?) Get street address details, phone numbers, other pertinent information on the Royal Farms near you.

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  1. Royal Farms
    18637 Sussex Hwy Bridgeville DE 19933

    Hours(Opening & Closing Times):
    Open 24 Hours

    Phone Number: 302-337-7503

    Customer Service Email or Contact:

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Royal Farms began in 1959 and maintains corporate headquarters in Baltimore, MD. A prominent convenience store chain on the American East Coast, Royal Farms operates more than 130 locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. Royal Farms offers customers both fresh and non-perishable food items at reasonable prices. Customers also enjoy fueling stations, alcohol and tobacco sales, and lottery play. The private company employs thousands of workers and generates millions of dollars in annual revenues.

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